Eastland Church Group Life

The Meeting Times

Community Groups Sundays, 10am 

What to Expect

Community Groups meet weekly to discuss and learn together.  The groups range from Bible Study intensive to relevant topical studies.  
Eastland Group Life is all about cultivating and building supportive relationships, and intentionally growing in our faith. 



Pastor Mindy at mindy@eastland.org

Community Group Classes

Grow U
Led by: Brian Dennis
Room E16
Sundays, 10am
What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ, to enter into a deeper relationship with God and others? What does it look like in our everyday lives? How do we grow spiritually as Christ followers? Through Bible study and discussion, we will learn how to deepen our love for God and others as we explore the essentials of Christian faith and discipleship.
Adult Enrichment, Sundays 10am
Led by: Mike Stewart
Room: E19
Adult Enrichment is a group made up of all ages and life stories. The lessons are designed to be practical, scriptural and helpful for everyday living.
Crusaders, Sundays 10am
Led by: Ed & Patsy Daugherty
Room: E23
This class is an intentional, intense Bible Study focus. The Bible is the textbook, Jesus Christ our risen Savior and Redeemer is the cornerstone, the study and relevancy of Scripture is the curriculum.

Paint & Potluck

Paint & Potluck

Neighborhood Outreach

Teacher Appreciation Outreach