The purpose of the Basketball Ministry is to glorify God by using basketball as our vehicle to maximize our outreach efforts to ensure and nurture those around us with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.


The purpose of the Softball Ministry is to maximize “team sport” as a platform for believers to grow spiritually through team prayer, community building, and outreach. The Softball Ministry also strives to offer a unique platform for the unchurched to join a team and be introduced to the gospel of Christ through sports.


The mission of the Eastland Volleyball Ministry is to facilitate a welcoming environment through a fellowship of sportsman competition and to cultivate a group of members who support one another in spiritual growth and knowledge to ultimately share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others in the community.
Every Monday night from 5:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Anyone 16 and older is invited to come for this time of fun and fellowship.
Contact Tim Midkiff with questions